Friday, July 11, 2008

Coventry - Olney - Kettering Concerts

Sorry for the lack of posts but we've been without Internet until this evening. Coventry acted as our home base for the three days with concerts held in Coventry, Olney, and Ketting. The tour also visited Stratford-upon-Avon (home of William Shakespeare), Broadway, and Moulton (home of William Carey who helped start the Baptist Missionary Society). Each concert has been well received and the audience has been very responsive.

Central Hall Methodist Church Concert in Coventry.

Here are The Centurymen practicing for the Concert at Olney the home church of John Newton who authored Amazing Grace.

The gravesite of John and Mary Newton in the Parish Church of St. Peter and Paul, in Olney.

A street concert in the town square in Olney.

William Carey House in Moulton. William Carey translated the Bible in several translations and helped start the Baptist Missionary Society and served as a missionary in India.

Concert at Fuller Baptist Church in Kettering.

Pictures of the countryside as we traveled to Bangor, Wales.

Just a note regarding our Prayer Requests. Joe Walters is back on the tour but he's still recouperating. Please pray for our remaining concerts in York, Stockton, and Edinburgh.

We appreciate your prayer and support.

Dan & Alice Arterburn

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