Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Atlanta - Check In for Flight Tomorrow

Well, today was interesting...what a blessing. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Today our faith got a lot stronger. The Lord does provide and he proved it this afternoon. Our travel agency truly bungled our reservation and we weren't able to confirm or assign seats until 24 hours before the flight. So, the Arterburns drove to Atlanta to make sure we had confirmed seats. One problem, the British Airways counter closes around 6:00 PM Eastern. Yep, we get here park and get to the counter and it's like a ghost town. Not a live body in sight, creepy, really creepy.

The Lord provides. An American agent was passing by and we asked how we could contact another ticket counter. They were all gone. What a blessing Tammy was. She called the One World Alliance and tried to get our seat assignments but the travel agency had truly messed up our reservation and they wouldn't make any changes until the day of departure. PERIOD.

We got to chatting with Tammy and she looked down and asked if we were from Old Hickory, she was originally from Donelson and her husband grew up in Hermitage. Her maiden name was Lake and she truly was a "jewel" and an answer to prayer. Alice wished she had her American Airlines recognition slips for effort above and beyond what is expected, she'd have given her the whole stack!

She offered to assist us tomorrow if British Airways was still having problems. Amazing to find a bit of home in such a impersonal place.

Second really strange occurrence. We're walking out of our Fairfield Inns in Kennesaw, GA., and run right into Peggy Ferguson and her husband. Yes, our Peggy Ferguson that worked in the HHBC office and moved to Arizona. She and her husband had just moved back to Nashville about two weeks ago and had driven to Georgia to visit their son and grandchild. Small world isn't it?

Alice's back is doing much better, the drugs have really done the trick. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer.

Our prayer requests:
  1. Safe travel for all 150+ Centurymen and Friends.
  2. Good health for our precious singers. The temperatures in London and Scotland are going to be highs of 50s to 70s...brrr.
  3. The hearts of those in services and concerts. May their hearts be open to the word of God.
  4. Renewed spirits of the many pastors and missionaries that we will make contact with.


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